Why Every Agent Should Try Keller Williams!

As i was sitting at my desk considering where 2017 went, I happened to think about my dad joining KW. I leaned back in my chair and mistakenly believed that he joined this last year...2017.

(NEWSFLASH NATE) He joined in 2016! Its hard to believe that I have been with this brokerage almost 3 years and Ralph has been here about a year and half. KW is great.



Great company. Great Training. Great people.

When I originally switched, I had lamented that "the problem is that I joined the largest Brokerage in the USA, and yet no one in Sonora even knows what (or who) Keller Williams is!" That i published almost 3 years ago. Well, that is no longer true. We are starting to be known as we have plenty of agents who are either new to the brokerage or are in fact looking at coming over.

This article gives some insight into why the entire market must pay attention to the brokerage that I am a part of at this point. KW has a wonderful structure that lends itself to agents having more control, getting a bigger slice of the commission pie, and more branding power, and so they will probably continue to dominate the US market. Anyways, I switched and if you want to watch what The Milnik Team does in 2018- continue to follow this page, because I will be updating here about the tuolumne county real estate market regularly, and Sonora Life in general. 

I love this place. Love to call it my home.