Mutz and Beans

The other day (in December) Judy walks into the office here at Keller and comments that it is soooo busy downtown. I mention that it's because of the bean feed.


Yes, Beans Judy.

You see, we live in a small town with a small community- What is known as Podunk, California or Tuolumne County. People like Judy (who are from much larger and fancier places) don't get excited about beans. But we Tuolumne County folk...we get awfully excited. So excited, that this sort of thing has been happening for 30 years and it is just reaching the ears of some locals.

Consider what happened here in Downtown Sonora yesterday. No, we didn't sell a piece of Sonora Real Estate valued at $2,567,400...but you probably thought we did.

Put Simply, what happened was that there was an elderly man with suspenders named Mutz who served up beans.

That's it.

Yet, the scene on the street looked like this in Downtown Sonora:


UNREAL! People lined up for iPhones? Gift Cards? Paying City Parking Tickets? Nope...BEANS. Just a cup full'o beans and some buttered bread.

But what this illustrates is just how much fun local traditions in the Tuolumne County area can be. Both of the Parades, The Fair, The Rodeo, even Free Coffee from some of the best Realtors...these are all wonderful community events.

Mutz, the guy cooking/serving the beans (along with his elves), is a wonderful man. I don't know him super well. In facet, I only met him 3 times. Twice at the bean feed and once at a property near his house. When we met at the property he was weed eating for the last owner of the house (even though they had either passed away or moved) and seemed to be doing it out of the kindness of his heart. He was the definition of Salt-of-the-Earth and I was super thankful to him for doing that act of kindness. It teaches us young people something to emulate. He was, of course, wearing suspenders. 

As for this community event, it needs to be continued. Mutz has lived in Sonora, for I assume more than thirty years, and it was announced in a local article this week that this would be his last bean feed. It was amazing to see how many people showed up and so I ran and got some good drone shots from above the downtown buildings to capture this LAST of the famous bean feeds. Hopefully, someone will carry the bean feed next year. 

Beans...Beans...the magical fruit, the more you eat the more...we have a community:)

What a wonderful county we live in.

Thank you Tuolumne County.

Thank you Mutz.

Nathan Milnik