When Listing Your House in Sonora...What are the Basic Expectations?

So, a friend texts me the other day and says the following:


“When you go see a house (for a potential seller), do you you figure out the value?” 


I asked him to clarify, and he basically had an agent come over that was going to potentially list his house and they had no clue what the property was worth!

They even said this to him!


So, here’s a blog about the 3 basic expectations of a GOOD listing appointment. In general if you are selling a house, then you SHOULD expect the following. Truth be told, you should expect so much more, but I would need a book to convert that idea.


  1. Preparation


A listing appointment is WHAT WE DO AS REALTORS. It is our most important job. So, the first thing that the agent should be is PREPARED. It is not hard to research the Tuolumne County Market. In fact, they should know the specs on your house, have done as much research as possible about the comps in your area, and also know anything else that they can find out about your house (other than what is obvious). This is the lifeblood of realtors, so forget about them as an agent if they didn’t prepare. They are giving up the golden goose of Real Estate and that is unacceptable!


2) Marketing Strategy


They should have lots of examples of past marketing materials as well as marketing strategies that they have done in the past for different price-levels of homes. Imagine if they are basically going to market your $600k house in the same way that they market your $200k house?!?!?! They need to clearly establish why they are getting paid 3x as much for the former as the latter. Make them provide you (the seller) with VALUE relative to what you are selling! This is the part where they should impress you with what has worked in the past and what hasn’t.


3) Questions


They should have lot’s of questions. If they are a good agent, then they should attempt to get to know you. Forget (if possible) about the price they are talking about you getting for the sale of your home. 


Do they know why you are selling? 


What is the most important part of this sale to you? 


What is the best way to communicate with you?


Hopefully, you hire them because they care about your circumstances, want to know the best way to communicate with you, or at least know what you are going through. Don’t hire them based on what they can get you for your home…because that’s called buying a listing. I could tell everyone that there house is worth a Million! Except, what happens when it sits on the market for a year with zero offers because it is overpriced? Don’t fall for it…ever. In fact, see their answers to the 2nd point above, and that will give you a better sense of whether they will be able to get you top dollar (regardless of the listing price). 


These are the basics of a listing presentation. Hopefully, this helps you sell your Sonora home efficiently and for a great price. Thanks for reading.


Nathan Milnik